acceleration definition

  • noun:
    • The act of accelerating.
    • the entire process of being accelerated.
    • Physics The price of change of velocity pertaining to time.
    • The work of accelerating, or even the state to be accelerated; increase of movement or activity; unlike retardation or deceleration.
    • The amount by which a speed or velocity increases (and so a scalar quantity or a vector volume).
    • the alteration of velocity pertaining to time (may include deceleration or changing course).
    • The work of accelerating, or even the condition of being accelerated; boost of movement or action; ; -- in opposition to retardation.
    • See Priming of tides, under Priming.
    • The work of accelerating, or even the state to be accelerated: as—
    • In mech., the rate of modification for the velocity of a moving human anatomy; that's, the increment of velocity (in just about any path) in device period which may end up were the rate of switch to continue uniform for that period of time. The speed is considered consistent if the body gains similar velocity in virtually any constant direction in equal consecutive portions period, regardless of how little these portions may be taken. A continuing power creates uniform speed in most situations; however it is often convenient to substitute for some of the causes fictitious “constraints.” Thus, gravity (which near the earth's area is sensibly a consistent force) provides a falling human body uniformly accelerated motion if the effectation of the atmospheric resistance is eliminated; in cases like this the increment of velocity in each 2nd, which can be a tad bit more than 32 foot, is known as the acceleration of gravity, plus in technical formulas is denoted because of the page g. If the velocity of a moving human anatomy continuously diminishes, the acceleration is called minus or negative, together with motion is said to be retarded; it is illustrated by the case of a ball tossed up, the ascending element of the velocity that diminishes in the rate of 32 legs a second. Similarly, the power of friction which resists the motion of a sliding human anatomy is thought to provide minus or bad acceleration.
    • The shortening of the time amongst the present as well as the occurring of any future occasion; especially, in-law, the shortening of times before the vesting of you utilizing the ownership of an expected interest. In physiology and pathology, increased task regarding the functions of this human anatomy, specifically of this blood circulation regarding the fluids.
    • In biology, the supposed acquisition of the latest characters by grownups, and their particular inheritance by descendants at earlier and previous phases of the life; tachygenesis (which see).
    • the act of accelerating; enhancing the speed
    • (physics) a rate of enhance of velocity
    • an increase in price of modification

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