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ac definition

  • conjunction:
    • But.
  • initialism:
    • account; cash of account
    • acre
    • air-con
    • alicyclic
    • alternating-current
    • ante cibum, before dishes
  • noun:
    • an electrical present that reverses way sinusoidally. Replacement for direct curent, DC.
    • The First as a type of oak, preserved (through the shortening for the vowel before two consonants) in a few place-names (whence surnames): as, Acton [⟨ like. Āctū n], actually, oak-town, or home among the oaks: Acley or Ackley, in addition Oakley [⟨ AS. Ācleá], literally, oak-lea.
    • A prefix, assimilated type of ad- before c and q, like in accede, gain, etc.; also an accommodated form of various other prefixes, such as accurse, accloy, accumber, etc. See these words.
    • An adjective-suffix of Greek or Latin origin, as with cardiac, maniac, iliac, etc. It is usually preceded by -i- and, like -ic, might take the additional suffix -al.
    • a radioactive element of the actinide series; present uranium ores
    • a power current that reverses direction sinusoidally
  • others:
    • etc. Points of flexure when you look at the home heating curves of metal and metal. The idea ac1 on heating is the same as ar1 on cooling, etc.
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