aberration definition

  • noun:
    • A deviation from the appropriate or anticipated course. See Synonyms at deviation.
    • A departure through the regular or typical: events that have been aberrations from norm.
    • Psychology a condition or abnormal alteration in one's mental state.
    • A defect of focus, including blurring in an image.
    • An imperfect picture brought on by a physical problem in an optical element, as in a lens.
    • The obvious displacement regarding the position of a celestial human anatomy toward motion of an observer in the world, due to the motion of Earth while the finite velocity of light.
    • Genetics A deviation into the typical structure or range chromosomes in an organism.
    • The act of wandering; deviation, specially from truth or moral rectitude, from natural state, or from a type.
    • A partial alienation of reason.
    • a little periodical change of place in the movie stars along with other heavenly bodies, due to the combined effect of the motion of light therefore the movement of the observer; called annual aberration, once the observer's movement is associated with earth in its orbit, and everyday or diurnal aberration, whenever for the earth on its axis; amounting when greatest, into the previous case, to 20.4'', plus in the latter, to 0.3''. Planetary aberration is due to the motion of light together with motion of earth relative to the earth.
    • The convergence to different foci, by a lens or mirror, of rays of light coming from 1 additionally the same point, and/or deviation of such rays from a single focus; known as spherical aberration, whenever as a result of the spherical as a type of the lens or mirror, these types of form-giving different foci for central and limited rays; and chromatic aberration, whenever as a result of various refrangibilities associated with colored rays of spectrum, those of every color having a distinct focus.
    • The passing of bloodstream or other fluid into parts perhaps not right for it.
    • The making of an unintended impact because of the glancing of a musical instrument, as when an attempt intended for A glances and hits B.
    • The act of wandering away; deviation; particularly, in a figurative sense, the act of wandering from the right way or program; therefore, deviation from truth or moral rectitude.
    • In pathology: A wandering associated with the intellect; emotional derangement.
    • Vicarious hemorrhage.
    • Diapedesis of blood-corpuscles.
    • Congenital malformation.
    • In zoology and botany, deviation from the type; abnormal structure or development.
    • In optics, a deviation inside rays of light when unequally refracted by a lens or reflected by a mirror, in order that they don't converge and satisfy in a place or focus, but split, forming an indistinct picture associated with item, or an indistinct image with prismatically colored sides.
    • In astronomy, the obvious displacement of a heavenly human body as a result of the shared effect of the movement regarding the rays of light continuing as a result and motion of the earth.
    • a condition in a single's state of mind
    • a situation or problem markedly different from typical
    • an optical trend caused by the failure of a lens or mirror to create a great picture

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