Jupiter definition

  • noun:
    • Roman Mythology The supreme god, patron associated with Roman state and cousin and husband of Juno. He had become identified using Greek Zeus. Also called Jove.
    • Astronomy The 5th earth through the sunlight, the biggest and most massive into the solar system, having a sidereal period of change about the sunshine of 11.86 many years at a mean distance of 778 million kilometers (483 million kilometers), a mean diameter of around 142,000 kilometers (88,000 kilometers), and a mass roughly 318 times that Earth.
    • The supreme deity, master of gods and men, and reputed becoming the boy of Saturn and Rhea; Jove. He corresponds on Greek Zeus.
    • One of the planets, being the fifth from sunshine, the brightest except Venus, and also the largest of those all, its indicate radius becoming about 43,345 miles (69,758 kilometers), nearly precisely one-tenth compared to the sun's rays. It revolves in regards to the sun in 4,332.6 days, at a mean length of 5.2025 through the sunlight (778,140,000 kilometer), the planet earth's suggest distance (the astronomical unit) being taken as unity. It offers scores of 1.901 x 1027 kg, about one-thousandth compared to sunlight, plus as compared to rest for the planets combined. This has an average solar day add up to 9.842 earth hours. The fast revolution triggers a noticeable flattening on poles; the diameter in the equator is 71,370 kilometer, and also at the poles 66,644 km.
    • In Roman mythology, the supreme deity, the parallel associated with the Greek Zeus, together with embodiment associated with the might and national dignity of this Romans.
    • The brightest associated with exceptional planets, as well as the largest human anatomy regarding the solar power system except the sun's rays it self.
    • In alchemy, tin, which was said to be in control of the earth Jupiter.
    • In heraldry, the tincture azure or blue in blazoning by the planets. See blazon, n.
    • In zoology, a finback whale. Also called Jupiter-fish.
    • (Roman mythology) supreme god of Romans; counterpart of Greek Zeus
    • the largest world together with 5th from the sunlight; has many satellites and it is one of many brightest things inside evening sky
  • proper-noun:
    • The fifth and by far the largest planet in the Solar System, a gas giant, represented by the symbol ♃ in astronomy. Jupiter is known for its Great Red Spot and many moons including the Galilean moons.
    • The King associated with Gods, also known as Jove. Equal to the Greek Zeus, Jupiter was one of many young ones of Saturn.

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