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    • A taxonomic subclass in the class Anthozoa —…
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Alcyonaria definition

  • proper-noun:
    • A taxonomic subclass in the class Anthozoa — sedentary colonial cnidarians.
  • proper-noun-plural:
    • the requests of Anthozoa. It includes the Alcyonacea, Pennatulacea, and Gorgonacea.
  • others:
    • An order of actinozoan corals, or, as some hold, a subclass of coralligenous Actinozoa, distinguished within use from Zoantharia, others subclass of Actinozoa (which contains the sea-anemones, etc.), with pinnately fringed in the place of quick tentacles, organized all over lips like rays of a starfish, whence the alternative title Asteroida.
    • A subclass of Anthozoa, containing the instructions Stolonifera, Alcyonacea, Pseudaxonia, Axifera, Stelechotokea, and Cœnothecalia.
  • noun:
    • corals and sea anemones having eight branches
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