-ose definition

  • suffix:
    • Possessing; getting the faculties of; saturated in: cymose.
    • Carbohydrate: fructose.
    • item of protein hydrolysis: proteose.
    • full of, like
    • familiar with develop the names of sugars.
    • A suffix denoting packed with, containing, having the qualities of, like; as with verbose, saturated in words; pilose, hairy; globose, like a globe.
    • A suffix showing that the material into the title of which it really is attached is an associate of carb group
  • noun:
    • identify -ous.
  • others:
    • A suffix happening in lots of English adjectives, created, most of them in current clinical usage, from Latin or Middle Latin adjectives in -osus, as bellicose, globose, jocose, morose, otiose, pilose, verbose, etc. In seventeenth century numerous adjectives before that time and since spelled with -ous were often spelled with -ose, most likely not always with an alternative pronunciation, as ambitiose, gloriose, pompose, etc. Abstract nouns in -ity from adjectives in -ose or -ous use the kind -osity, as globosity, jocosity, pomposity, etc.
    • In chem.:
    • A suffix designating members of the number of sugars, as glucose, lactose, maltose, etc.
    • A suffix showing your compound is a primary decomposition-product of a proteid, as albumose, etc.

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    • Possessing; getting the faculties of; saturated in: cymose.
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