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  • suffix:
    • To cause is: cheapen.
    • To become: redden.
    • resulting in to have: hearten.
    • to get to have: lengthen.
    • Made of; resembling: earthen.
    • Denotes the past participle kind when attached with a verb.
    • Denotes a quasi-past participle or participle-like adjective whenever attached with a noun or verb.
    • Can be used to denote the plural form of a small number of English terms, most whose etymology goes back toward N-stem (in other words. Poor noun) declension of Germanic languages.
    • whenever attached to specific adjectives, it formed a transitive verb whose definition is, to produce (adjective). Usually, the verb is ergative, sometimes perhaps not. Exactly the same building may be done to particular (a lot fewer) nouns, since, strengthen, whereby the verb suggests approximately, to offer (noun) to.
    • Suffix definition "pertaining to", "having the characteristics of", "resembling", "like".
    • When attached to specific nouns that are the names of a material, it types an adjective whose definition is, manufactured from (noun). It is a formative design with several obsolescent remnants. Changes in the form of the root noun, therefore the dropping of the "e" in suffix happen. There are additionally orphan formations whose root has been lost to the current language.
    • regularly form the diminutives of specific nouns
    • familiar with form the infinitive of verbs.
    • accustomed develop the 3rd person plural current tight of verbs.
  • others:
    • A suffix from AS. -an, formerly familiar with develop the plural of many nouns, as in ashen, eyen, oxen, all obs. except oxen. In some cases, eg kiddies and brethren, it's been put into older plural forms.
    • A suffix corresponding to AS. -en and -on, formerly used to form the plural of verbs, as with housen, escapen.
    • A suffix signifying to make, to cause, regularly form verbs from nouns and adjectives; such as reinforce, quicken, frighten. This must not be mistaken for -en matching in Old English into the AS. infinitive closing -an.
    • An adjectival suffix, indicating manufactured from; such as fantastic, leaden, wooden.
    • The termination of the past participle of many strong verbs.

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