-ate definition

  • suffix:
    • Having: nervate.
    • Characterized by: Latinate.
    • Resembling: lyrate.
    • One that is described as: laminate.
    • position; workplace: rabbinate.
    • to do something upon in a specified manner: acidulate.
    • A derivative of a specified substance substance or factor: aluminate.
    • A salt or ester of a specified acid whoever name leads to -ic: acetate.
    • having the specified thing
    • characterized by the specified thing
    • resembling the specified thing
    • a thing characterised because of the specified thing
    • a rank or office
    • a derivative of a specified element or chemical; especially a salt or ester of an acid whoever name leads to -ic
    • to do something when you look at the specified way
  • others:
    • As an ending of participles or participial adjectives its equal to -ed
    • As ending of a verb, this means which will make, resulting in, to do something, etc.
    • As a noun suffix, it marks the agent. It also often marks the office or dignity.
    • In biochemistry its always denote the salts created from those acids whoever brands end -ic (excepting binary or halogen acids); additionally it is found in the actual situation of particular fundamental salts.
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