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  • A pheromone utilized given off by a gland in tip of this stomach of workers that acts mainly as an orientation pheromone. It is essential to swarming behavior and nasonoving is defined down by disruption of this colony. It is a mixture of seven terpenoids, the majority of that will be Geranial and Neral, that are a set of isomers usually mixed and called citral. Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) essential oil is mostly these fragrances and it is beneficial in bait hives and to get recently hived bees or swarms in which to stay a hive. The constituents of Nasonov pheromone: geraniol (isomer of nerol) nerolic acid (isomer of geranic acid) (E)-citral (geranial) (Z)-citral (neral) geranic acid (isomer of nerolic acid) Nerol (isomer of geraniol) farnesol The essential constituents of Nasonov for results on bees: "A 1:1:1 mixture of geraniol + nerolic acid + (E)- and (Z)-citrals ended up being as potent as a mixture of all seven elements in equal proportions" geraniol (isomer of nerol) nerolic acid (isomer of geranic acid) (E)-citral (geranial) (Z)-citral (neral) by DevonaReport definition
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